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At Harry’s, our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at our food.


That’s why sustainability is an important part of our business model. From eco-conscious, sustainable food manufacturing processes to sourcing local ingredients whenever possible, we make sure to integrate the right choice for the environment into all of our best business practices.


Here are just a few of our current sustainable efforts:


To help reduce consumption of electricity we use motion-sensitive lighting in nearly 115,000 square feet

of our current facilities, with plans to expand into other areas of our buildings.


Sustainable Packaging

We use recyclable packaging that has a reduced amount of both corrugate and paper material while still maintaining package integrity, and print with soy inks whenever possible. In addition, our packaging is BPA free.


Local Sourcing
We source raw ingredients and packaging materials locally whenever possible.


We recycle packaging materials on site daily, and the water in our “chill” line is treated and reused.