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As leader of Harry’s daily operations and R&D strategic direction and execution, Mike is responsible for development and commercialization processes for all JGC Food Co companies, product lines, and accounts, including interfacing with the Sales, Marketing, and Operations groups to support business development and continuous improvement. With 25 years of experience working in new product development, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in culinary arts, manufacturing, and business development. Mike earned a Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas along with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America.

Mike Leitner

Vice President of Operations / R&D

Jon Sigua

R&D Chef

With nearly 10 years experience at Harry's, Jon is charged with working along side our retail and club teams, developing on-trend soup, sauce and entrees. He has a degree in Culinary Arts from Western Culinary Institute and a BS from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Boedvar Boedvarsson

Culinary Scientist

Boedvar came on board with Harry's in 2016 and brings a unique view on our projects, bridging the gap between culinary arts and food science. He works across all channels specifically taking on our technically challenging recipes and projects. Boedvar earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science from Alabama A&M where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a minor in Chemistry.  In addition to his Food Science degree he also earned a degree in Culinary Arts in Huntsville, AL where he also graduated Magna Cum Laude!  Over his time in school he has taken on and done a number of different things from being a Culinary Tutor to working in the USDA Summer Scholar program and he also owned and operated a food truck.

Alison Hall

Manager of R&D

Ali has been with Harry’s for 11 years. With her vast knowledge of Harry's products and capabilities, Ali is a key member of the R&D team. She works closely with all our co-pack partners throughout the product development process, ensuring timelines and expectations are met! She has a degree in Culinary Arts from Western Culinary Institute.