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Q. Can your products be frozen?
A. A big benefit of Harry’s products is that an unopened package will remain fresh under normal refrigeration (34º-38º F) until the “Use By” date stamped on the package. However, if you do not anticipate using the product by that date or you have an unused portion then yes, our fresh products may be frozen. We pride ourselves in offering our customers products with tender meats, al dente pastas, crisp vegetables and robust spices. Freezing can often times compromise these qualities. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee the consistency of the product after being frozen. We do not recommend freezing pudding or cream-based soups.

Q. What sets Harry’s apart from other fresh and frozen food manufacturers?
A. THE HARRY’S TEAM.  Our ability to collaborate and problem solve not only within the organization, but with our partners is a quality that is unmatched in our industry. From the moment you set foot in our R&D kitchen and meet our group talented people, you will know you made the right decision in choosing to work with our team. In addition, our R&D team is fully supported by our entire organization throughout each phase of the commercialization process. Whether it is new product development or recipe duplication, our team will provide all the support necessary for a successful project.

Q. How do you maintain such a long refrigerated shelf life without using preservatives?
A. To guarantee product safety, each batch is quickly packaged and promptly sealed at very high temperatures. The packages are then immediately submerged into our state-of-the-art water chilling system where they are rapidly cooled to lock in freshness and flavor. In addition, our fresh products will heat faster than frozen, saving you valuable time!

Q. What is cultured dextrose?
A. Cultured dextrose is used to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria and mold in food. Often used in place of benzoates and sorbates, it is considered a “natural” ingredient, because it is prepared by the fermentation of milk or sugar powders by the supposedly probiotic bacteria Propionibacterium freudenreichii and Lactococcus lactis, both of which are extensively used in the production of cheese and other dairy products.

Q. Once opened, what is the refrigerated shelf life of your products?
A. Treat it like you would normally treat home-cooked leftovers. An opened container of product should be consumed promptly within one to three days.

Q. Must they be refrigerated or can I store them in my cupboard?
A. None of Harry’s products are shelf stable and therefore it is essential they remain under proper refrigeration at all times (34º-38º F).

Q. What if I don’t eat the product by the ‘Use By’ date?
A. If it is after the ‘Use By’ date, we strongly recommend you discard the product.

Q. Which stores carry your products?
A. Harry’s products are available in grocery and club stores across the country. Many of our items are produced for specific retailers or are only offered during a limited season. If your local grocer doesn’t carry Harrys, ask their customer service desk to consider stocking our products.

Q. Do you sell your products online?
A. At this time we are not set up to sell our products online.

Q. May I place an order directly with you?
A. At this time, we are not set up to sell our products directly to consumers.

Q. Where are Harry’s soups, entrees and desserts located in grocery stores?
A. It depends upon the store, but most of our products are available from the service deli department in the hot or cold case. You will also find many stores carrying our fresh entrees in the meat department cold case or in their prepared foods section.

Q. How long has Harry’s been in business?
A. Harry’s Fresh Foods has been producing fresh high-quality products since 1977. You can read more about our history here.

Q. Where is Harry’s Fresh Foods located?
A. Our headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, just six miles east of the Portland International Airport, near the Columbia River. In addition, we have recently opened our 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Nashville, Tennessee. Click here for directions to both plants.

Q. Do you sell vegetarian or vegan products?
A. Yes, we have several products that are vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo compatible) or vegan.

Q. Do you sell any gluten-free products?
A. Yes, we have more than forty products that are gluten free.

Q. What types of products do you make?
A. We make a variety of fresh soups, chilies, stews, sides, entrees, sauces, gravies and desserts packaged for retail, club and foodservice markets.

Q. Do you sell organic products?
A. Yes, we have soups, sides and desserts that are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and the USDA.

Q. How are your products packaged?
A. Our retail products are available in single-serve and family-size packaging. Our club products are available in club-size or multi-pack packaging. Our foodservice products come in bulk-size packaging both ready to serve and concentrate.

Q. The directions on the tub packaging says to cut film to vent. Why doesn’t Harry’s use a peelable film instead?
A. In order to provide the highest quality product to the marketplace Harry's has chosen to use a “welded” film rather than a “peelable film” on our tub products. We regret that having to use a knife to puncture and then remove the film is not as convenient as having a tab to grab and peel but it does provide the best seal available and assures our product remains wholesome throughout its shelf life.

Q. Are your products in trays microwaveable or oven safe?

A. This varies by product so please be sure to follow the directions on the package.

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